Welcome to naturally music, where we believe that music and fun go hand-in-hand!


About Naturally Music

Naturally Music is a vocal & singing school that teaches people of all ages, ranging from toddlers to 100+ years of age.

Every single person who comes to us can learn life-changing musical skills. Whether you want to become a karaoke king/queen, or wish to develop towards a Professional Music career, Naturally Music can accommodate your specific needs.



  • Adell Caruana
    My daughter started with Natalie as a 9 year old that was terrified to go on stage and has gone on to become a confidant performer. This is all because of the supportive and nurturing environment that Natalie has created at Naturally music. We are forever grateful that we chose Naturally music all those years ago.
    Adell Caruana
  • Angela Tuckwell
    Naturally Music is a home away from home for my daughter. It is a safe place for her.
    Angela Tuckwell
  • Sandie Summers
    The sheer joy and happiness you bring to the kids in your classes is just amazing. Thank you for taking my two shy, quiet girls and giving them the strength and courage to do something amazing!
    Sandie Summers
  • Jodie Hogg
    Nat, you have the most talented students! Paige’s version of “Sound of White” made me want to cry. So beautiful. You must be so proud!
    Jodie Hogg
  • Cecily Laing
    Nat has a wonderful knowledge of toddlers and how they learn, she uses repetition to allow the children to learn words and actions in a confident manner but also keeps her music selections wide and varied.
    Cecily Laing